Victoria Omelchenko
She completed a salon grooming course at the "V.O.G ACADEMY"
At the "V.O.G ACADEMY" salon grooming academy, you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed for a good master groomer.

Course start dates:
Mon-Fri 23.10.23 (Knyazhiy Zaton Str., 2/30)
Mon-Fri 09.10.23 and 16.10.23 (V. Lobanovskyi Ave., 6a)
Weekend course: 07.10.23
years of course

During the courses, you will master the 5 main skills of a groomer

Even if you have never held grooming scissors and nail clippers in your hands before

Cutting cats and dogs

You will learn to trim the main salon breeds of dogs and cats, learn the rules and standards of haircuts, and practice on at least 6 breeds

Using grooming tools

You will learn to work with professional tools and learn how to select high-quality equipment at a reasonable price

Selecting and using pet cosmetics

You will understand how to choose and use cosmetics individually for dogs and cats, taking into account the types and condition of the coat and health. You will work with premium class pet cosmetics: DAVIS™, ISLE OF DOGS™, ARTERO™, IV SAN BERNARD™

Interact with challenging animals

You will learn the basics of animal psychology and will know how to behave with aggressive and overly timid animals

Ensuring safety for yourself and the animal

You'll learn the safety rules that every groomer should follow and get familiar with the basics of veterinary medicine
Yana Goncharik
The director of the salon grooming academy "V.O.G ACADEMY"

We are always happy to share knowledge and help those who share our passion!

At the "V.O.G ACADEMY" salon grooming academy, you will gain the knowledge and skills that a good grooming master needs.

Owners of grooming salons are looking for exactly such masters. It is to such groomers that clients book with the words "We want only to you!"

We know the level of skills that graduates of our courses acquire. Therefore, after the exam and internship, we guarantee the best students employment in V.O.G DOG salons or help them find a job in grooming salons in Kiev, as we cooperate with them

Why future groomers prefer to study with us

9 benefits of classes at the "V.O.G ACADEMY" salon grooming academy

Balance of theory and practice

You receive necessary theory and immediately reinforce it in practice under the supervision of a teacher

Small groups

You study in groups of 4 - 7 people, so the teacher pays attention to each one

Achievement of the result - practice in 11 V.O.G DOG grooming salons in Kiev

You refine your skills for free during the internship. Practice with the best masters of the V.O.G DOG grooming salon network

Flexible schedule

You can study from Monday to Friday on a weekday course, or on Saturday and Sunday on a weekend course. Internships have individual schedules

Professional instructors

Patient and friendly top grooming masters share their knowledge with you. They have over 5 years of experience and specialize in salon breeds

Employment Assistance

We help the best graduates who have successfully passed the exam and completed at least 2 weeks of internship find a job. We have friends and partners across Ukraine, in more than 100 salons!

Free Accommodation

For non-residents, we provide free accommodation in one of the nice hostels in Kyiv close to the place of study

2 Grooming Academy branches in Kyiv

We have 2 training centers in Kyiv - on the left and right banks of the city. Choose any one!

Our students work in salons or have opened their own in 33 countries around the world!

We often hear from our graduates about positive news and personal successes in their grooming career. Especially now, when the world has become even more united!

Choose the suitable learning option and book your spot on the course

You'll get everything you need to become a professional groomer

Solid knowledge

We "digest" all the necessary theory for work

Real skills

We practice from day one — 90% of the course time


We provide it for free and do not limit the time

Dog models

We allow each student to practice on a separate model, without downtime

Tools and cosmetics

We provide free tools, equipment, special clothes, and cosmetics for the duration of training and internship

Want to learn more about the salon grooming course? Ask absolutely ANY question or get the full training program for free at


Course graduates receive two certificates:
author's and international author's

Free bonuses for students in the Academy

Choose the suitable learning format and take advantage of all the benefits of the "V.O.G ACADEMY"!

Check out a short video about studying at our Academy:

Experienced groomers, who trim dogs and cats daily, will share their secrets and tricks

Moreover, they are kind, patient, and know how to explain things in a straightforward manner

We continue to assist our graduates even after their studies!

After the course, you can at any time:
Show your work and get advice from masters
Reach out in the private chat for advice on haircuts or cosmetics
Come in for additional internship for a specific breed

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Cost of the salon grooming course for beginners

Choose the right option for "comprehensive" training
Quick start
Academic knowledge
Training and employment assistance
One-on-one training with a teacher
Course duration6 days, 48 hrs10 days, 80 hrs10 days (Mon-Fri) or (Sat-Sun) 80 hrs10 days (Mon-Fri) or (Sat-Sun) 80 hrs
Schedule of classesMon-Fri, from 10 to 18 hrsMon-Fri, from 10 to 18 hrsMon-Fri or Sat-Sun from 10 to 18 hrsMon-Fri or Sat-Sun from 10 to 18 hrs
Module 1. Basics of grooming: types of hair, tools, cosmetics, equipment
Module 2. Basics of zoopsychology. Groomer's safety
Module 3. Yorkies: theory+practice+creativity1 day (without creativity)2 дня2 дня2 дня
Module 4. Maltese Shih Tzu: theory+practice
Module 5. Cats: theory+practice
Module 6. Spitz: theory+practice
Module 7. Basics of stripping: theory+practice
Module 8. Basics of veterinary medicine and looking after animals' teeth
Module 9. Poodle, Bichon: theory+practice
Module 10. Grooming of large dogs: theory+practice
Free day: consolidation of learned material and practice on a Pet (random)
Free internship under the supervision of a master60 hours100 hours200 hours300 hours
Author's Certificate of Course Completion
Access to a closed chat for graduates and teachers
International Author's Certificate
Free comfortable accommodation
Assistance in employment of the best students
BUSINESS-SALON OPENING: debunking myths and pitfalls, personal instruction
BUSINESS-SALON OPENING: choosing a promotion strategy, creating your own marketing plan
BUSINESS-SALON OPENING: legal aspects, staff selection, suppliers and partners
BUSINESS-SALON OPENING: cosmetics and tools, software, sanitation, safety
Quick start
14 000 UAH
17 000 UAH
Academic knowledge
18 000 UAH
22 000 UAH
Training and employment assistance
20 000 UAH
24 000 UAH
One-on-one training with a teacher
35 000 UAH
42 000 UAH
Book Book Book Book

Cost of the salon grooming course for beginners

Choose the learning option that suits you best
Yorkie Breed
Training from scratch
Yorkie Breed
Individual training from scratch 1 on 1 with a teacher
For DOG Owners
Training from scratch
For DOG Owners
Individual training from scratch 1 on 1 with a teacher
Course Duration3 days, 24 hours3 days, 24 hours2 days, 16 hours2 days, 16 hours
ScheduleMonday-Wednesday, from 10 to 18Individual schedule, from 10 to 18Monday-Wednesday, from 10 to 18Individual schedule, from 10 to 18
Lesson 1. Hygiene procedures and introduction to the tools. Practice from the first day with a model: proper bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, pad grooming and nail edging, hygiene haircut of the pet
Lesson 2. Full grooming (full complex) and Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning: introduction to the Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning device with practice on a model (ultrasonic teeth cleaning), full Yorkie grooming (without Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning) (without Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning)
Lesson 3. Reinforcement of full grooming and creative grooming: you will conduct a full complex to the model and create creativity on the tail's hair (paint, patterns, glitter tattoos, rhinestones)
Free internship under the guidance of a master 30 hours 30 hours
Author's Certificate of Course Completion
Access to the closed chat for graduates and teachers
International Author's Certificate
Yorkie Breed
Training from scratch
6000 UAH
7200 UAH
Yorkie Breed
Individual training from scratch 1 on 1 with a teacher
9000 UAH
11000 UAH
For DOG Owners
Training from scratch
4000 UAH
5000 UAH
For DOG Owners
Individual training from scratch 1 on 1 with a teacher
7000 UAH
8500 UAH
Book Book Book Book

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I start working right after grooming courses?
Our courses provide all the necessary foundation for a groomer's work, but graduates often want to practice for a while under the supervision of a mentor to gain confidence. Therefore, we offer our students the opportunity to intern for free. On average, our graduates need 2-3 weeks
Can I work as a private groomer after the course, not in a salon?
Yes, you can work independently, but you will need to immediately purchase a fairly expensive set of tools and pet cosmetics. Plus, find clients. When working in a grooming salon, everything necessary is provided, and there is a constant flow of clients, so we recommend starting your grooming journey in a pet salon
Why do I need an internship?
To refine the skills acquired during the course under the supervision of a mentor and to increase the speed of grooming. Salon owners prefer to hire groomers who have at least some experience. You gain this experience during the internship
How to learn pet grooming if I am currently working?
We have specifically designed grooming courses to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in a short period. Internships are held according to an individual schedule. Therefore, if you are working, you can intern in the evenings
Can I enroll in grooming courses if I don't live in Kyiv?
Of course. Our students come from different regions of Ukraine. We offer FREE accommodation in one of the good hostels in Kyiv near the place of study
You also have access to free consultation by phone:
(073) 606 74 44

You can take the first step towards your dream profession at any age!

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Academy addresses:
V.O.G ACADEMY - Solomenka
Kyiv, Solomenskyi district, V. Lobanovskogo Ave., 6a
V.O.G ACADEMY - Poznyaki
Kyiv, Darnytskyi district, Knyazhyi Zaton str., 2/30
V.O.G ACADEMY - Dorogozhychi
Kiev, Shevchenkivskyi district, Shchusev Street, 4