Puppy Grooming in Kyiv

Entrust the grooming hassles to our experienced groomers and just enjoy interacting with your beloved pet

Why you should bring your puppy to one of the "V.O.G DOG" grooming salons 1-2 times a month

It solves the problem of puppy matting and tangled fur
The puppy's coat becomes luxuriant and shiny thanks to professional cosmetics and the skilled hands of our groomers
The puppy quickly gets used to grooming, which helps to minimize stress in the future
You spend minimal time caring for your furry little one
You can choose age-appropriate toys, cosmetics, and clothing for your puppy

What is included in the puppy hygiene package at V.O.G DOG grooming salons

Comprehensive care: 8 stages of transforming from a messy pup into a cute one


We free the puppy from matted hair and shedding undercoat. Even if your little one doesn't have an undercoat, their fur is still too soft and fluffy, so matting is a constant issue. Brushing also prepares the fur and skin for bathing so that they can fully absorb the beneficial substances from the cosmetics and do not dry out when blow-drying

Claw trimming

We gently trim the claws even for the most scared puppies. Without sedatives! We always grind the trimmed claws so that the puppy does not scratch the owners.

If you hear that your pet's claws are clicking on the floor – it's time for grooming. Don't delay! In puppies, overgrown claws can interfere with skeletal formation

Removal of hair from the ear canal

Mandatory for Shih Tzus, Maltese, Yorkies, and Poodles. We pluck the hair from the ears, not trim it, so there are no short "prickles" left to bother the puppy. The puppy may be uncomfortable the first time, but don't worry – the procedure is painless

Bathing with puppy shampoo

We bathe them in a specially equipped bath. We secure the puppy with a short leash so they do not try to jump out.

We use premium-class "no tears" shampoo specifically for puppies. Then we apply conditioner according to your pet's breed. All our cosmetics are based on natural oils, so the puppy smells pleasant for more than a week. During bathing, we clean and rinse their eyes with a special lotion

Drying and cleaning ears

We carefully dry the puppy with an individual towel. While they are drying, we clean their ears

Drying and styling the fur

We dry the puppy's furry coat with a professional grooming hairdryer. This type of hairdryer doesn't heat up, and special modes allow you to adjust the power and temperature of the airflow. During the drying process, we constantly comb the fur so that it straightens out and lies beautifully

Hygienic grooming

We shave the fur on the pads of the paws, on the belly, in the genital area, and around the butt (if necessary). We shape the ears. If needed, we remove fur in the corners of the eyes. We shape the bottom contour of the paws.

Until 5 months, we recommend bringing puppies for a hygienic package to get them used to grooming

Final polishing of the fur

At the owners' request, we treat the fur with a special antistatic for dogs. After this, the puppy's fur shines, does not electrify, and gets tangled less. If needed, we can spray your pet with perfume

Prices for a hygiene package for puppies of decorative breeds

*up to 5 months old


from 800 ₴
  • Undercoat combing
  • Nail trimming
  • Bathing with puppy shampoo
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Fur drying
  • Hygienic grooming
  • Final fur polishing


from 800 ₴
  • Combing and mat removal
  • Nail trimming
  • Bathing with puppy shampoo
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Fur drying
  • Hygienic grooming
  • Final fur polishing

Didn't expect to spend so much time taking care of a puppy?

You got a fluffy pet to love it and rejoice. And it turned out that its fur constantly tangles and forms mats.

Do you want to take proper care of your puppy? Come for a free consultation with a groomer!

We will teach you how to care for a growing dog so that no problems arise. We will help you choose a comb that suits the breed and type of your pet's coat. We will tell you what and how to do so as not to spoil its coat

What questions do puppy owners ask most often:

Will the puppy be afraid of procedures in the grooming salon?

Our groomers sincerely love animals, so they treat puppies and adult dogs like their own children. We will stress-free accustom your pet to the most "scary" things - drying the fur with a hairdryer, active combing, and nail clipping. After this, the four-legged baby will feel calm in the salon

At what age can a puppy be brought to the salon?

Bring your pet to us for a consultation as soon as he appears in your home. From 2 months, you can already visit the salon for combing, bathing, nail clipping, and hygienic grooming

How often can a pet be brought to the groomer?

You can come for combing every 2 weeks. Comprehensive hygienic grooming is recommended once a month

Why is it recommended to shear the dog with a machine after 6 months?

Machine trimming or breed trimming is permissible for puppies older than 5 months, because many dogs' fur changes from puppy to adult with age. Too early machine trimming can adversely affect the quality of the dog's fur in the future. Unlike puppies of other breeds, Spitz breed grooming is recommended after reaching a year, not earlier

We want to make a Boo haircut for a Spitz puppy. Is it possible?

We strongly do not recommend short haircuts for Spitz. Yes, the little ones look cute in the photos, but it is harmful to their health. Boo haircut in 80% of cases causes a deterioration in the quality of the coat: the amount of "good" guard hair significantly decreases, but the undercoat increases 2-5 times. In some cases, this can lead to the dog's baldness. Therefore, for Spitz up to a year, hygienic grooming and active combing are recommended, sometimes you can give a light contour with scissors. After a year, it's time for breed grooming

Our principles

Personal database

We maintain a database for every Tail Wagging friend. Therefore, our groomers know if your Pet has been ill, how to trim them and what to wash them with if they are allergic

Care for our furry Clients

We do not use anesthesia, sedative drugs or harsh fixation of the pet. All procedures are carried out humanely and gently

Professional Cosmetics

We use premium class pet cosmetics: DAVIS™, ISLE OF DOGS™, ARTERO™, IV SAN BERNARD™, HYDRA™. Each product is selected individually according to the type and condition of the fur

Qualified Consultations

Pet owners receive grooming consultations for their pets, taking into account their age and breed, to ensure the best care for their fur

Now, our clientele is not only comprised of our furry friends*

You won't see anything like this anywhere else: grooming + manicure/visage/eyebrows. While bringing your fur-baby for a spruce up, you can simultaneously get yourself a perfect manicure or have your eyebrows done. Miracles do happen - come and see it for yourself!

A full-fledged Pet Store

Delight your four-legged companion with more than just grooming! We offer a wide range of products for your pet's every whim and fancy: food, treats, cosmetics, accessories, harnesses, clothing, and so much more

Disinfection of Equipment and Facilities

📌UV sterilization of tools and the environment
📌Disinfection and sterilization of equipment and surfaces after each pet
📌Daily antibacterial and antiparasitic treatment of the entire premises

The best loyalty program among all grooming salons

We know how to astonish you: birthday gifts for your pets, discounts on popular services, and cashback on every purchase.

Exclusive with us - Grooming Subscriptions with up to 40% off!

Our masters

Trust your Pet to the skilled and careful hands of our Masters!


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Kiev, Desniansky district, Red Kalina (Mayakovsky) Avenue, 68a
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