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We present to you 11 Grooming Salons in Kiev and the surrounding area

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Grooming Academy

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Beauty Studio
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In the modern pace of life in Kiev, taking care of our four-legged friends has become not only a duty but also a manifestation of deep love and attention.

Among the numerous pet grooming salons, ours stands out thanks to its professional approach to grooming. V.O.G DOG is not just a barber shop or a simple bath for your furry friend. V.O.G DOG offers comprehensive care that makes your pet not only impeccably beautiful but, most importantly, healthy.

In one word – it’s care!

Why V.O.G DOG Grooming Salons are the Best in Kiev in the Field of Pet Grooming

  • Numerous Branches: V.O.G DOG is represented in Kiev as the one and only major network, with 11 salons and 2 grooming academies. Convenient access to our grooming services from any district.
  • Comprehensive Services: Only in our network, you can find a beauty studio for humans.
  • Promptness: We offer fast appointment scheduling and 24/7 request processing.
  • Convenience: Multiple groomers can be scheduled simultaneously to ensure that pets don’t have to wait for each other.
  • Individual Approach: In our pet salon, we operate on the Pet Grooming system. We perform any grooming according to the client’s preferences, always prioritizing the safety of the pet.
  • Professionalism: High levels of knowledge and professionalism among our groomers. Highly qualified TOP groomers work in all 11 salons.
  • Visit History: We maintain a detailed history of each pet’s grooming visits, including allergies, fears, recommendations, and preferences.
  • Bonuses: We offer a 5% cashback on every visit to our grooming salon, pleasant gifts for the pet’s birthday, and ongoing special promotions.
  • Flexible Pricing: In our pet grooming salon, we offer various pricing options to accommodate everyone’s budget.
  • Quality Control: We ensure the quality of groomers’ work during procedures in the grooming salon and maintain quick communication with management.

As a result, thanks to the high level of service and quality of work, V.O.G DOG has become an undisputed leader in the field of pet grooming in Kiev.

Key Grooming Services: Cat and Dog Grooming, Care

From basic grooming to specialized procedures, our groomers offer a wide range of services:

  • Hygienic and stylish grooming.
  • Fruit mask with silk protein.
  • Untangling knots and mats.
  • Bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner, and balm.
  • Eye and ear cleaning.
  • Full pawdicure.
  • Drying, styling, and fur polishing.
  • Teeth cleaning and anal gland expression.
  • Application of optional perfume.

Pet Grooming Salon: Grooming Services for All Breeds and Sizes from Our Pet Spa

We are pleased to offer our high-quality grooming services for pets of any size and breed. Our experienced groomers specialize not only in grooming and caring for dogs and cats but also provide services for:

  • Rabbits,
  • Guinea pigs,
  • Miniature pigs,

and many other animals.

Whether you have a large breed dog, such as a German Shepherd, Labrador, Saint Bernard, or Rottweiler, or your loyal companion belongs to small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Maltese, or Pomeranians, all animals require special care, and we take pride in providing each of them with an individual and professional approach.

Regardless of whether your pet simply needs nail trimming, ear cleaning, or a comprehensive grooming session, we guarantee that your pet will receive the best care.

Each procedure is performed with consideration of the breed’s characteristics and the individual needs of each beloved pet.

If you require special care, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Additional Services from Our Animal Center

In addition to our high-quality grooming services, our beauty pet salons are delighted to offer a range of additional services. We have a store where every owner can find everything they could wish for their pet.

If you have been inspired by the work of our groomers and wish to acquire professional skills for animal care, our academies are ready to assist. We train top-notch specialists who are in high demand in salons and trusted by clients.

While your pet enjoys the procedure, take some time for yourself in our beauty studio. Our specialists take care not only of the beauty of animals but also of their owners, offering manicure services and many others.

For those seeking a place to leave their friend for a few days, we have a pet hotel. We ensure comfortable accommodation, paying maximum attention to the needs of each guest.

And for those who dream of starting their own business and spreading love for animals throughout Ukraine, we offer franchise opportunities.

Caring for Your Pet: Testimonials from Our Clients

You can find a plethora of positive reviews on all social media platforms and on our website, and this is the best recommendation for us. And after speaking with our loyal clients, you will never doubt that V.O.G DOG pet beauty salons are the place in Kiev that you need to visit!

Our 11 grooming salons in Kiev are always open so that our professional groomers can take care of your furry friend’s perfect appearance and comfort. Schedule an appointment today and visit us to see for yourself!


Here are the locations of grooming salons
Pechersk: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Pechersk district, Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, 14
Solomyanka: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Solomyanka district, V. Lobanovsky Avenue, 6a
Troyeshchyna: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Desniansky district, Red Kalina (Mayakovsky) Avenue, 68a
Lukyanovka/KPI: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Shevchenko district, Sholudenka Street, 14
Poznyaki: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Darnytsky district, Knyazhy Zaton Street, 2/30
Vynohradar: GROOMING+NAILS ✂️+💅
Kiev, Podil district, S. Danchenko Street, 32
Dorogozhychi: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Shevchenkivskyi district, Shchusev Street, 4
Kryukivshchyna village, Kyiv region: GROOMING+HOTEL+SHOP ✂️+🛍️+🏡
Grooming 10:00-19:00
Shop 10:00-21:00
Hotel 24/7
European Street, 2a (Eurocity Residential Complex, near Vyshneve town)