Maltipoo Grooming in Kiev

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6 reasons why you should regularly groom a Maltipoo

Maintaining coat health: The long and dense coat of a Maltipoo can become tangled, form mats, and get dirty. Regular grooming helps prevent these issues, making it easier to care for the coat and reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Preventing overheating in summer: Maltipoo dogs tend to overheat in hot weather due to their dense coat. Trimming reduces the amount of fur, allowing the pet to feel more comfortable during the hot seasons.
Maintaining hygiene: The long fur of a Maltipoo can collect debris, dirt, and dust. Regular trimming helps to maintain cleanliness, reducing the likelihood of contamination and potential health issues.
Preventing skin problems: Maltipoo dogs may suffer from skin irritation and allergies, especially if the fur remains wet or dirty. Trimming allows the skin to breathe and provides easy access for skincare, helping to prevent skin issues.
Easy maintenance: Short-trimmed fur is easier to care for. It requires less time for brushing and cleaning fur around the house, making life easier for both the pet and its owner.
Expressing individuality: Grooming can give a Maltese a unique and stylish appearance. The variety of hairstyles allows you to highlight your pet's individuality and create a distinct look.

The Maltepoo is an adorable dog breed, named by combining “Maltese” and “Toy Poodle.” These small fluffy companions blend an elegant appearance with a friendly nature. They make excellent friends for those seeking a compact and sociable pet.


The Maltepoo is known for its long, plush, dense, and soft coat that requires regular care and grooming. Various styles and haircuts allow you to emphasize your pet’s individuality.


The Maltepoo’s coat requires regular brushing and trimming to prevent tangling and matting. Regular visits to the salon are recommended to maintain the optimal condition of the fur.

DeLuxe - Maltipoo complex

13 steps to maximize your Maltipoo's transformation

Full-fledged Peticure

We trim the nails even for the most scared and restless pets. No sedatives! In extreme cases, we trim together, holding the dog. Afterwards, we always file the nails so they don't scratch and shape them. Next is the antimicrobial treatment and moisturization of the interdigital folds, and the paws are treated with protective wax.
If you heard your pet clicking its nails on the floor - it's time for a trim.
Please note: in young dogs, due to overgrown nails, the skeleton may form incorrectly

Removal of hair from the ear canal

This is a mandatory procedure for Yorkies, Malteses, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. We pluck the hair from the ears because after trimming, prickly stubs remain that bother the dog. The pet may be anxious for the first time, but don't worry - the procedure is painless

Combing out mats

This is a necessary procedure. It allows to get rid of mats and prepares the fur and skin for bathing. Thanks to combing, the skin and fur are maximally saturated with beneficial substances from cosmetics. If the dog is not combed out beforehand, the skin will dry out during blow-drying and dandruff will appear

Bathing with premium shampoo, balm, and conditioner

We bathe your pet in a professionally equipped bath. The dog is restrained with a short leash to prevent it from jumping out unexpectedly. We use premium shampoo, balm, and conditioner, choosing them based on the type of fur and age (for puppies, adults, those with dry skin, etc.). The bathing cosmetics are made with natural oils, so the pleasant smell lasts for over a week. We also rinse and clean the eyes during this process

Fruit mask with silk proteins

Passion fruit mask with silk proteins.
It moisturizes and softens the skin, preventing dryness and flaking. It strengthens the hair follicles, making them firm and stimulating the growth of beautiful fur.
It nourishes the hair with beneficial components, making the fur smooth, elastic, and shiny. By preventing the penetration of ions from exhaust fumes outdoors, it keeps the pet's fur clean, shiny, and smooth for a long time

Teeth cleaning

Thanks to the toothpaste for our furry friends, dental plaque is quickly removed, keeping the enamel of the teeth clean and healthy, eliminating unpleasant odors and bacteria. And thanks to the special composition of the toothpaste, which has special taste qualities, all pets enjoy the process immensely!

Anal gland cleaning

The anal glands are specific sacs in which a secret substance accumulates, allowing pets to distinguish each other. But this secret doesn't always come out naturally, so they need to be regularly checked and cleaned to maintain your furry friend's health

Ear wiping and cleaning

After bathing, we dry the pet with an individual towel. We allow them to dry a bit. Then, we proceed to clean their ears

Drying and styling the fur

We dry the pet's fur with a professional grooming hairdryer (booster). It doesn't heat up and has special modes for adjusting power and warm airflow. During the drying process, we continuously comb the fur to straighten it and style it beautifully

Hygienic haircut

We trim the fur between the toes, on the belly, in the genital area and around the bottom (if necessary). We carefully shape the ears. If needed, we remove the fur in the corners of the eyes. We shape the lower contour of the paws

Breed/Model Haircut

We trim the body, paws and head of your pet to give it a breed-specific shape or a creative look. Before starting the work, the groomer will suggest haircut options that would suit your pet

Final Fur Polishing

In the end, we treat the fur with a special anti-static agent for dogs with a pleasant scent. After treatment, the fur becomes instant, doesn't electrify, and doesn't get tangled


Application of the client's chosen perfume for an impeccable and very long-lasting scent

Maltipoo haircut price: how much it costs to groom your pet and additional services for them

The facility you choose will have a base price, to which may be added the price for additional services

Hygiene package

1000 ₴
  • Nail trimming
  • Removal of hair from the ear canal
  • Brushing fur
  • Bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner, and balm
  • Eye washing and cleaning
  • Ear drying and cleaning
  • Hair drying and styling
  • Hygienic grooming (belly, ears, genital and anal areas, eye corners, paw edging)
  • Finish fur polishing

Full Package

от 1100 ₴
  • Nail trimming
  • Removal of hair from the ear canal
  • Brushing fur
  • Bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner, and balm
  • Eye washing and cleaning
  • Ear drying and cleaning
  • Hair drying and styling
  • Hygienic grooming (belly, ears, genital and anal areas, eye corners, paw edging)
  • Model/breed-specific grooming (full grooming of your pet)
  • Finish fur polishing

DeLuxe Package

от 2000 ₴
  • Full Pawdicure (trimming, filing, shaping nails, antimicrobial treatment and moisturizing of interdigital folds, paw treatment with protective wax)
  • Hair removal from the ear canal
  • Brushing and mat removal
  • Bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner, and balm
  • Eye washing and cleaning
  • Ear drying and cleaning
  • Fur drying and styling
  • Hygienic grooming (belly, ears, genital and anal areas, eye corners, paw edging)
  • Model/breed-specific grooming (full grooming of your pet)
  • Finish fur polishing
  • Fruit mask with silk proteins
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Paranal gland cleaning
  • Application of client-selected perfume

The main types of haircuts for Maltypoo:

Classic Trim (Face & Feet):
One of the popular options where the face and paws are trimmed short, while the body retains long fur. This accentuates the expressiveness of the eyes and creates a neat appearance.

Lion Cut:
Leaves a mane on the head and paws, while the body, hindquarters, and tail are trimmed short. Creates a visual resemblance to a lion.

Hygiene Trim (Trimming all fur):
A practical option where all the fur is trimmed evenly short, making maintenance easier and maintaining hygiene.

Short Trim (Puppy Cut):
Fur all over the body is trimmed short and evenly, creating a cute and tidy appearance suitable for active dogs.

Exclusive and Unusual Trims for Maltepoo:
Asian Trim, Windsor Trim, Theatrical Trim, Model Trims

Frequently asked questions about Maltipoo care

How to care for a Maltipoo?

Caring for a Maltipoo requires specific efforts and attention to keep its fur, skin, and overall health in good condition. Here are a few key aspects of Maltipoo care.
Grooming and Fur Care:
- Regular brushing: Daily brushing helps prevent the formation of knots and tangles in the fur.
- Bathing: Bathe the Maltipoo as needed, using a dog-appropriate shampoo. Be mindful not to dry out the skin.
- Trimming: Plan regular visits to our professional groomers for fur trimming and styling. Maintain a length that is convenient and practical for both you and your pet.

How to bathe a Maltipoo?

- Brush the fur.
- Prepare the dog and equipment.
- Wet the fur with water.
- Apply and massage the shampoo.
- Clean the ears and eyes.
- Thoroughly rinse the shampoo.
- Gently towel dry.
- Brush and finish the care.
- Reward for good behavior.

How often should you trim a Maltipoo?

The frequency of trimming a Maltipoo depends on the chosen style, fur texture, and your level of care, but it's typically recommended to trim a Maltipoo about every 4-6 weeks.

How is a Maltipoo groomed?

The choice of haircut style for a Maltipoo depends on preferences, activity levels, climate, and the condition of the fur. Individual characteristics, level of care, and consultation with a professional groomer should be taken into account.

Why people trust us with their pets

Personal database

We maintain a database for every Tail Wagging friend. Therefore, our groomers know if your Pet has been ill, how to trim them and what to wash them with if they are allergic

Care for our furry Clients

We do not use anesthesia, sedative drugs or harsh fixation of the pet. All procedures are carried out humanely and gently

Professional Cosmetics

We use premium class pet cosmetics: DAVIS™, ISLE OF DOGS™, ARTERO™, IV SAN BERNARD™, HYDRA™. Each product is selected individually according to the type and condition of the fur

Qualified Consultations

Pet owners receive grooming consultations for their pets, taking into account their age and breed, to ensure the best care for their fur

A full-fledged Pet Store

Delight your four-legged companion with more than just grooming! We offer a wide range of products for your pet's every whim and fancy: food, treats, cosmetics, accessories, harnesses, clothing, and so much more

Disinfection of Equipment and Facilities

📌UV sterilization of tools and the environment
📌Disinfection and sterilization of equipment and surfaces after each pet
📌Daily antibacterial and antiparasitic treatment of the entire premises

The best loyalty program among all grooming salons

We know how to astonish you: birthday gifts for your pets, discounts on popular services, and cashback on every purchase.

Exclusive with us - Grooming Subscriptions with up to 40% off!

The safety of the animal

Our experienced professionals have not only mastery skills, but also a deep understanding of animal behavior. We use only proven and safe grooming products, and every step of the grooming process is carefully monitored to ensure that your furry friend feels safe and secure. Our salon ensures that your pet will be in good hands, receiving care that combines professionalism with a deep respect for their well-being.

Our Masters

Entrust your Pet to the skilled and caring hands of our Masters!


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Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine but also a hub for the active development of pet grooming services. Among the most popular services for dog owners in Kiev is Maltipoo grooming.

And among the many salons, choosing the one where they will groom your Maltipoo just the way you want it is a responsible step for every owner.

Features of the Maltipoo Dog Breed

Temperament: Maltipoo dogs are active, playful, friendly, and extremely devoted to their owners. They get along well with children and other household pets.

Health: Like all breeds, Maltipoo dogs have their own set of health concerns. These may include dental problems, sensitive digestion, and, in rare cases, skin conditions.

Trainability: Maltipoo dogs are intelligent and easily trainable. However, they are also known for their stubbornness, so early socialization and training are essential.

Care: This breed requires regular grooming due to their long coat. Without daily brushing, their fur can become tangled and form mats.

Overall, Maltipoo dogs make excellent companions and will bring you many joyful moments.

Maltipoo Grooming and the Importance of Regular Coat Care

The Maltipoo coat is one of the primary sources of pride for this breed. These long, snow-white hairs seem to be designed to be admired. However, they require attention and careful care:

  1. To prevent matting, the coat should be regularly brushed every day. This helps prevent the formation of knots, maintains the natural shine, massages the skin, stimulating circulation, which is crucial for the overall health of the Maltipoo.
  2. Regular baths are necessary. However, too frequent bathing can dry out your pet’s skin, so it is recommended to bathe a Maltipoo no more than once every two weeks using a gentle shampoo.
  3. Proper and timely grooming of your Maltipoo will give your pet a neat appearance, prevent hair breakage, and split ends.
  4. Don’t forget about regular hygiene procedures, which are necessary to maintain the health and comfortable life of your Maltipoo.

V.O.G DOG can assist you in addressing all these issues by providing professional Maltipoo grooming and trimming services.

How We Care for Maltipoo: Stages and Services

Our approach to each Maltipoo grooming session is individualized. The first stage is a consultation where we determine the optimal Maltipoo haircut and necessary hygiene procedures. Following this, a series of procedures is carried out based on the owner’s preferences and, most importantly, the needs of your Maltipoo.

  • Full pawdicure.
  • Ear hair removal.
  • Combing and detangling mats.
  • Bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner, and conditioner.
  • Eye rinsing and cleaning.
  • Drying and fur styling.
  • Hygienic trimming (belly, ears, genital and buttocks area, eye corners, paw edges).
  • Stylish/breed-specific trimming (complete Maltipoo haircut).
  • Finishing coat polishing.
  • Fruit mask with silk protein.
  • Teeth cleaning.
  • Anal gland expression.
  • Application of the client’s choice of perfume.

Preparing Your Maltipoo for a Show or Their First Grooming

Preparing a Maltipoo for a show at a grooming salon involves a comprehensive approach to grooming, aimed at accentuating the dog’s breed-specific characteristics. This process goes beyond a simple haircut and may include several additional procedures.

Preparing in a grooming salon ensures professional care and the highlighting of all breed-specific characteristics of the Maltipoo, which increases the chances of success at the show.

Preparing your Maltipoo for their first grooming requires maximum patience and gentleness. Before the haircut, it is necessary to gradually accustom them to brushing. To do this, you will need to develop a specific strategy to ensure that the puppy has a positive attitude towards these procedures.

At around one and a half months of age, the puppy’s hair is first trimmed in the groin area for hygiene purposes. After reaching three months of age, the first grooming session for the Maltipoo can be conducted. It is not recommended to trim all the hair during the first grooming, as this can negatively affect the hair’s structure, causing it to lose its density and shine over time.


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Hotel 24/7
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