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About V.O.G DOG Beauty Salons

You simply must visit the Beauty Bar "V.O.G DOG" if

You care about your pet's elegant appearance
You don't have time to take care of your pet yourself
You want your beloved pet to be healthy and happy
You take your role as a pet owner seriously
You entrust the care of your pet only to a trusted grooming professional
You appreciate attentive care towards your four-legged friend

We're always happy to see new and old friends!

Welcome from the caring team of 'V.O.G DOG'. Why caring? Because the aspiration and goal of our company is to take care of the health and appearance of not only our furry friends, but also their Owners! For us, this is not just a business, it's a beloved job that brings a lot of pleasure from interacting not only with pets, but also with those who want to be beautiful and well-groomed.

'V.O.G DOG' is a place where any breeds of pets receive a comprehensive approach - from teeth cleaning to model grooming. Our professional groomers care for each visitor as if they were their own child.

You will also love our pet store, where you can buy a variety of necessary, quality goods for your beloved pets, and our pet hotel, which takes care of your furry friends as if they were their own.

Our unique feature is the Beauty Salon 'V.O.G DOG+NAILS', where at the same time the grooming master beautifies your pet, and the manicure and eyebrow master work on your beauty, because everyone deserves to look fabulous. This is an incredibly opportunity to take care of yourself while your pet is being taken care of.

Visitors to the 'V.O.G DOG' and 'V.O.G DOG+NAILS' beauty salons are always confident in the quality of services and safety for themselves and their little and big friends. And having talked to regular customers - you will never doubt that we are exactly the place you need to visit and become our regular Customer!

What services can your four-legged friends receive from us:

Dog grooming

The comprehensive grooming package includes hygienic and model grooming, a fruit mask with silk proteins, bathing with premium shampoo, conditioner and balm, eye and ear cleaning, Pawdicure (nail trimming and filing, shaping and polishing, application of protective wax on paw pads), drying, hair setting and polishing, teeth and anal gland cleaning, and the application of perfume of your choice

Puppy grooming

The puppy grooming includes hygienic combing and cutting, eye and ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing with premium shampoo, drying, and styling of the head and paws

Grooming for large breed dogs

The grooming service includes hygienic combing, eye and ear cleaning, nail trimming, fur trimming (if necessary), bathing and drying, and breed line styling

Dog hand stripping

The hand stripping service includes FULL or DELUXE package, eye and ear cleaning, nail trimming, breed or pet stripping, bathing, drying, and final trimming to give breed-specific shapes

Cat grooming/combing

Comprehensive cat grooming includes combing out the fur, bathing with premium shampoo, balm, and conditioner, drying, model and hygienic trimming, eye and ear cleaning, and nail trimming

Dog and cat bathing

The bathing service includes bathing with premium class shampoo and conditioner according to the type and condition of the fur, balm (+ silk protein mask if necessary), drying, and styling

Guinea pig grooming

The comprehensive grooming service for guinea pigs includes: nail trimming, teeth cleaning (if necessary), bathing with special cosmetic products suitable for the unique type of pet's fur, and combing (or trimming)

Minipig grooming

Taking care of a miniature home pet is surely the most pleasant! They enjoy combing and bathing. The bathing procedures are carried out with hypoallergenic products (shampoo and mask for sensitive gentle skin), including elements of a relaxing massage. This gives the animal pleasure and "endless happiness". We finish the procedures by filing the hooves

Rabbit grooming

Regular grooming for a rabbit helps to quickly get rid of mats by combing or trimming. Hygienic trimming in the animal's genital area is also essential, which greatly simplifies the care of the owners at home. We don't forget about the nails, to prevent unwanted traumatic situations

Look at how our groomers take care of our furry and fluffy visitors:

At the V.O.G DOG beauty bar, both clients and their owners feel right at home. Come to us once and you'll want to come back again!

Prices for haircuts and grooming

For dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mini pigs, and rabbits

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Here are the locations of grooming salons
Pechersk: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Pechersk district, Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, 14
Solomyanka: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Solomyanka district, V. Lobanovsky Avenue, 6a
Troyeshchyna: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Desniansky district, Red Kalina (Mayakovsky) Avenue, 68a
Lukyanovka/KPI: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Shevchenko district, Sholudenka Street, 14
Poznyaki: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Darnytsky district, Knyazhy Zaton Street, 2/30
Vynohradar: GROOMING+NAILS ✂️+💅
Kiev, Podil district, S. Danchenko Street, 32
Kryukivshchyna village, Kyiv region: GROOMING+HOTEL+SHOP ✂️+🛍️+🏡
Grooming 10:00-19:00
Shop 10:00-21:00
Hotel 24/7
European Street, 2a (Eurocity Residential Complex, near Vyshneve town)