V.O.G DOG grooming salons Franchise

Fulfill your dream and earn money!
Annual revenue
100 000 USD
10–12 months

Advantages of V.O.G DOG franchise

Recognizable brand and trademark
Ready-made business processes
Technical and organizational support
Highly qualified specialists in the deficit profession of Groomer
Wide range of services and complexes for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.
Low competition in this niche
Successful marketing strategy
Salon Grooming Academy, the best graduates of which work with us

Certified groomers

Regularly undergo certification and professional development, which ensures a large flow of clients and a minimum budget for an advertising campaign

Our mission

Supporting and cultivating a careful and responsible attitude towards their pets among our clients

Pets feel comfortable with us

Because we know how to create a family and home atmosphere in salons

Arguments in favor of the franchise

Money and
time saving

Love – the main ingredient of our service

  • 8 years of successful work
  • Established quality standards
  • Pet hotel from V.O.G DOG
  • Grooming Academy - 2 operating branches
  • 7 pet stores
  • Combined service for Pets and their Owners: Grooming+Nails
  • 5000 regular customers
  • Over 20 000 clients throughout our operation time
  • 60-95% salon occupancy
  • About 10000 followers on social networks
  • 25-38% profitability
  • A large network of 10 operating grooming salons

The founders of the V.O.G DOG network have been managing the V.O.G DOG salon network since 2015, implementing the best technologies to achieve the highest result and will help you avoid many mistakes and losses when starting and running a business.

They understand from their own experience that it's not easy for a creative person to delve into numbers, marketing research, and deal with routine but extremely important tasks. For example, you may be a good master, love animals, and dream of opening a grooming salon, but without knowledge and experience in business development, the risk of serious mistakes and financial losses increases many times over.

By opening a salon independently, you risk not only overpaying for all stages but also risk the overall investment, as launching the salon and making a first impression on your clients is important for favourable development and stable operation. They have come a long way, invested a lot of resources, effort, and money to guarantee future partners' success.

They keep detailed statistical reports of 10 grooming salons, pet stores, and one beauty salon, which allow us to constantly adjust the work of the entire network for maximum efficiency.

When opening a salon independently, you may face questions like:

  1. How to calculate a realistic business plan?
  2. How to obtain permits?
  3. Which premises, design, and equipment to choose?
  4. When should the salon break even and become profitable?
  5. When will the investments return?
  6. Where and how to find clients?
  7. How to choose and get discounts from suppliers?
  8. Where to find masters, how to train them, and retain them?
  9. How to build work with staff?
  10. How to manage accounting and so on?

The V.O.G DOG franchise includes:

  1. Support and assistance to the franchisee in opening and management
  2. Rights to use the name of a well-known brand
  3. Training in work standards and enterprise management
  4. Provision of methodological materials for managing all functions
  5. Connection to advertising, services, and CRM system
  6. Finding and training a team
  7. Placement on the website
  8. Searching for masters, their training, and maintenance in the company.

Financial indicators:

Payback period: 10-12 months
Average monthly profitability: 29% Investment: 150 000 US dollars
Annual turnover: 100 000 US dollars More than 4500 annual guests
Average check: 900 UAH Occupancy: 80%

What you get if you become our partner:

We will support the project launch 24/7

We will help to find premises.
We will develop a layout.
We will implement standards and regulations.
We will provide legal and business consulting.

We will hire and train staff

We will write job advertisements.
We will conduct interviews with you.
We will certify groomers.
We will conduct a welcome training.
We will provide an adaptation guide.

We will connect you to advertising channels

We will provide a brand book for your use.
We will provide templates for printed materials.
We will place information about the salon on the site.


Franchise agreement: business plan.
Operations Manual: This is a document that describes how to use the franchise.
Technical instructions and specifications.
Training materials.
Financial documents.

We will create a business plan for you

A detailed plan describing how your business will operate. This document contains information about how advertising and marketing will be conducted, what expenses and revenues will be, how production or customer service will be organized

We will automate the process

We will provide tools for easy business management: Google and Meta advertising, CRM system, Chat-Bot, IP telephony, SMS aggregator, Online storage, Accounting. We will connect you to services, and you will automatically receive customer requests

Open a V.O.G DOG grooming salon in your city


Here are the locations of grooming salons
Pechersk: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Pechersk district, Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, 14
Solomyanka: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Solomyanka district, V. Lobanovsky Avenue, 6a
Troyeshchyna: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Desniansky district, Red Kalina (Mayakovsky) Avenue, 68a
Lukyanovka/KPI: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Shevchenko district, Sholudenka Street, 14
Poznyaki: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Darnytsky district, Knyazhy Zaton Street, 2/30
Vynohradar: GROOMING+NAILS ✂️+💅
Kiev, Podil district, S. Danchenko Street, 32
Dorogozhychi: GROOMING✂️
Kiev, Shevchenkivskyi district, Shchusev Street, 4
Kryukivshchyna village, Kyiv region: GROOMING+HOTEL+SHOP ✂️+🛍️+🏡
Grooming 10:00-19:00
Shop 10:00-21:00
Hotel 24/7
European Street, 2a (Eurocity Residential Complex, near Vyshneve town)