Cat grooming

Save your time and energy - entrust the haircut of your Kitty to experienced groomers

5 cases when you and your kitten need the help of V.O.G DOG grooming salon masters

Kitty is shedding a lot. You are tired of fur all over the house
Someone in the family has been diagnosed with an allergy to cat fur
Your pet has developed matted fur that you can't cope with
Your beloved pet can't properly take care of its coat due to age
You want to give your kitty a fashionable look with a creative haircut

How we take care of kitties in V.O.G DOG grooming salons

8 steps to the perfect feline appearance

Humane approach

WITHOUT SEDATIVES AND ANESTHESIA! We do not tie the kitty to the table. If necessary, we work in pairs, holding the Tail. We use a medical collar or a special muzzle-cap

Clipping of claws

We trim the claws with a special claw cutter. For domestic kitties, this procedure is mandatory. If you do not trim the claws, they can curl and dig into the pads of the paws. A kitty with trimmed claws does not spoil the furniture and does not scratch the owners, which is especially important if you have children

Brushing or trimming fur

The owner chooses the procedure.

BRUSHING TAILS. We remove mats and shedding undercoat. We maintain the health of the skin and fur. We give the coat a gorgeous, groomed look.

TRIMMING KITTY LIKE A LION. We trim all the fur with a machine, except for the head, tips of the paws and tail

Bathing with premium class shampoo

During bathing we fix with a short leash, so that the pet does not jump out and get injured. We wash with premium class shampoo and conditioner, which are specially designed for cats. Cosmetics for bathing are on natural oils, so the pleasant smell lasts for several days

Wiping the eyes and cleaning the ears

After bathing we wrap the kitty in an individual towel and let it dry. At this time we wipe the eyes and clean the ears with special lotions, safe for animals

Drying fur

We dry the fur with a professional grooming hairdryer. Special modes allow adjusting the power and temperature of the air flow.

After a set of procedures, your kitty looks groomed, and you are relieved of unnecessary worries.

Teeth cleaning

Thanks to toothpaste for kitties, dental plaque is removed quickly, preserving the enamel of the teeth clean and healthy, eliminating unpleasant odor and bacteria. And thanks to the special composition of the toothpaste, which has special taste qualities, - all kitties get a sea of pleasure from the process!


Applying client-selected perfume for flawless and very long-lasting fragrance (if there are no contraindications, allergies)

Prices for haircuts and combing of kitties in V.O.G DOG grooming salons

Hygiene complex

900 ₴
  • Nail trimming
  • Eye cleaning
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Teeth cleaning (additional)

Full complex without bathing

1100 ₴
  • Nail trimming
  • Model Haircut or full Combing from all mats
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning (additional)
  • Application of perfume for kitties (if desired)

Full complex with bathing

1200 ₴
  • Nail trimming
  • Model Haircut
  • Bathing and drying
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning (additional)
  • Application of perfume for kitties (if desired)

Didn't expect that caring for a kitty would take so much time?

You got Fluffy to love and enjoy it. And it turned out that its fur constantly sheds and mats appear, and your entire house turns into one big ball of fur?)

Want to properly care for your kitty? Come for a free consultation with a groomer!

We will teach you how to care for the fur of your Pet so that there are no problems with it. We will help you choose a comb that suits the breed and type of fur of your Pet. We will tell you what and how to do so as not to spoil its coat

What are the most common concerns for cat owners?

When is it absolutely necessary to trim a cat or a kitten?

There's only one situation when a cat must be groomed – when the pet's fur has become matted into clumps that are physically impossible to brush out. All other cases are meant to make life easier for owners who want to rid their house of excessive hair or protect themselves from allergies.

Cats don't mind their well-groomed fur, regardless of its length or density. They don't suffer from heat, on the contrary, their fur protects them from heat stroke, sunburn, drafts, and air conditioners.

So, can you get rid of a cat's mats without haircut?

Yes, you can, if the animal hasn't turned into a solid "felt". The cat needs to be thoroughly brushed. It's easier to do this in a pet salon than at home - not every owner is ready to devote 1-2 hours to grooming their pet. Moreover, without professional tools, it's difficult.

Do you trim cats and kittens under anesthesia or without it?

If a cat is hysterical but needs to be trimmed, it's better to do it under anesthesia. An important condition – the drug should be prescribed by a veterinarian. Induction of anesthesia and emergence from it should also be supervised by a veterinary anesthesiologist. Always!

Pet salons have no right to use anesthesia without a doctor's observation. Therefore, caring for the health of your pets, we don't even give mild sedatives – any drug can cause an individual allergic reaction.

Our advice:

🔸 If your cat is restless and finds the grooming and bathing situation stressful, we recommend giving your pet a sedative about 30 minutes before going to the pet salon. The sedative should be purchased at a vet pharmacy after consulting with a veterinarian.

🔹 If you need to get rid of mats and the cat is panicking and won't let anyone close, and the groomer sees a threat to the animal's health due to severe stress, we recommend having the grooming done under anesthesia at a vet clinic under the supervision of a veterinarian.

🔸 If you regularly groom your cat, anesthesia is highly undesirable.

Can a domestic cat, who is most afraid, be groomed in a pet salon?

Yes, but it's better to give such a cat a sedative first, and then try to groom it in the salon in the presence of the owner. We do not recommend bathing skittish cats in the pet salon because they then need to be dried, and a grooming hairdryer is quite noisy. As a result, the stressful situation for the animal continues and intensifies.

If groomers see that the cat is panicking, it does not allow anyone to approach, and behaves very aggressively in defense, we will recommend grooming at a vet clinic under anesthesia. If the condition of the fur allows it, we will suggest to completely abandon grooming and stick to combing

Do you ask owners to be present during grooming and to help?

Yes, we often ask owners to be nearby during grooming, as visiting a pet salon is a stressful situation for any cat. And here the presence of the familiar owner is often the best sedative.

In addition, being present during grooming in the salon, you see how the groomers treat your pet. For example, we only use humane methods, without stretching and other horrors that are practiced in some pet salons. You can see for yourself the humanity of our groomers. Plus, you watch how your cat reacts to different procedures, and will know what to expect next time.

How long does it take to groom a cat?

Grooming a not too neglected animal takes up to 30 minutes. If the cat is very nervous, during the process the groomers let it rest several times, so grooming can take up to an hour. If your pet is all matted, also plan for about an hour.

Do you groom large cats, like Maine Coons?

Yes, Maine Coons are regularly brought to the "V.O.G DOG" pet salon. We rarely groom such large cats – brushing and bathing are usually enough for them. Mostly, during grooming, representatives of this breed behave calmly. After all, they are solid creatures, getting nervous is beneath their dignity :)

Any questions left?

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Our principles

Personal database

We maintain a database for every Tail Wagging friend. Therefore, our groomers know if your Pet has been ill, how to trim them and what to wash them with if they are allergic.

Care for our furry Clients

We do not use anesthesia, sedative drugs or harsh fixation of the pet. All procedures are carried out humanely and gently.

Professional Cosmetics

We use premium class pet cosmetics: DAVIS™, ISLE OF DOGS™, ARTERO™, IV SAN BERNARD™, HYDRA™. Each product is selected individually according to the type and condition of the fur.

Qualified Consultations

Pet owners receive grooming consultations for their pets, taking into account their age and breed, to ensure the best care for their fur

Now, our clientele is not only comprised of our furry friends*

You won't see anything like this anywhere else: grooming + manicure/visage/eyebrows. While bringing your fur-baby for a spruce up, you can simultaneously get yourself a perfect manicure or have your eyebrows done. Miracles do happen - come and see it for yourself!

A full-fledged Pet Store

Delight your four-legged companion with more than just grooming! We offer a wide range of products for your pet's every whim and fancy: food, treats, cosmetics, accessories, harnesses, clothing, and so much more

Disinfection of Equipment and Facilities

📌UV sterilization of tools and the environment
📌Disinfection and sterilization of equipment and surfaces after each pet
📌Daily antibacterial and antiparasitic treatment of the entire premises

The best loyalty program among all grooming salons

We know how to astonish you: birthday gifts for your pets, discounts on popular services, and cashback on every purchase.

Exclusive with us - Grooming Subscriptions with up to 40% off!

Our Masters

Entrust your Kitty to the skilled and caring hands of our Masters!

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