A pet hotel is more than just a place to leave your beloved pet for a few days. It’s a unique world where conditions for comfortable staying, playing, resting, and development of the animal are provided. Choosing a pet hotel is a very responsible task, so it should be approached with special attention.

Every pet hotel has its characteristics and additional services, which you should consider before entrusting your beloved pet to the staff.

Territory. Pet hotels may have spacious outdoor play areas where group socialization and animal games are conducted. They may also offer individual rooms with climate control, special beds, televisions broadcasting specially selected shows for animals, and more.

Feeding. You can bring your pet’s food, treats, and other regular meals to the pet hotel. However, specialized feeding according to your dog’s needs may be offered. This service will be more expensive, but you won’t have to worry about what and how much you need to bring.

Technology. Webcams may be used to allow you to watch your beloved pet even from afar. There are also special smartphone apps that enable you to track your pet’s feeding schedule, walks, and other activities in real-time.

Medical Care. If your dog has specific medical needs, find a pet hotel that cooperates with veterinary clinics or has its own medical staff. They can provide medical services and rehabilitation care if your beloved pet is recovering from an illness or surgery.

Spa Treatments. Pet hotels may offer spa treatments for animals, such as massages, hydrotherapy, pawdicures, aromatherapy sessions, and more.

Training. If your beloved pet needs additional training or just support for existing skills, professional trainers’ services may be offered.

Staff. They also play a key role. These should be people who not only understand animals but love them. They must know how to comfort an anxious animal, handle an energetic puppy, and care for an elderly dog with special needs.

Choosing the right pet hotel ensures that your pet enjoys a comfortable stay and that you can have peace of mind knowing they’re well taken care of. Whether it’s the quality of the facilities, specialized care, or engaging activities, all these elements contribute to finding the perfect place for your beloved pet.


Recommendations to Help You Choose a Pet Hotel:

  1. Visit the pet hotel before booking to see the conditions and talk to the staff.
  2. Inquire about the staff’s experience and qualifications, especially if your beloved pet has special needs.
  3. Ensure that you clearly express all requirements and desires regarding the care of your animal.
  4. Read reviews from other clients or ask for recommendations from friends or your veterinarian.

With the right approach and attention to detail, you can find the ideal pet hotel for your dog, where they will feel at home, surrounded by care and love.

V.O.G DOG: Your Pet’s Paradise

A great example of a pet hotel to consider is our V.O.G DOG pet hotel located in the village of Kriukivshchyna, Kyiv region. With an unparalleled level of service, we do everything possible to make your beloved pet’s stay comfortable and enjoyable.

V.O.G DOG pet hotel offers a spacious, clean, and ventilated space with a couch for animals and everything necessary for your dog’s full life. We can also accommodate your special requirements, such as feeding schedules, the number of walks, interaction with other animals, grooming, and more.

While toys and sleeping spaces are available in the pet hotel, we always recommend bringing your pet’s toy, blanket, or bed to have the scent of home present in the room. This significantly eases the process of adapting to the new environment and reduces the stress level in the dog.

Your beloved pet will be under the watchful eye of experienced staff, adhering to all your recommendations and wishes. By standard, your dog will be taken outside for fresh air three times a day and will be able to take care of all their needs. If not necessary, there’s always a clean diaper in the room that can be used at any time.

Bowls of clean water and food are always freely available to the animals. If you feed your dog on a schedule, portion-wise, be sure to inform the staff so as not to disrupt the established feeding routine. You can bring your food and treats or purchase everything you need in our store.

Choosing V.O.G DOG means opting for professional care, comfort, and an environment that makes your pet feel cherished and at ease. Trust us with your furry friend, and we promise to deliver a service that mirrors the love and attention they receive at home.


V.O.G DOG is a chain of grooming salons, so we recommend taking advantage of our grooming services during your beloved pet’s stay at the pet hotel. In this way, you will not only delight in reuniting with your four-legged friend after a brief separation but also in finding them clean, well-groomed, and smelling extraordinarily pleasant.

V.O.G DOG pet hotel prides itself on its reputation as a place where every animal receives individual attention and care. Client reviews attest to a high level of satisfaction and trust.

Choosing a pet hotel can be a complex process, but with the right information and understanding of your beloved pet, the decision can become simpler and more enjoyable. Don’t forget to consider your dog’s individual needs, and pay attention to the experience, reputation, and service of the pet hotel.

Don’t miss the opportunity to consult with us, learn more about our offerings, and make a reservation. We are always ready to answer all your questions and welcome your dog with open arms and a warm heart.

Entrust your best friend to professionals, and they will find a new home during your absence. You will be at peace knowing that they are surrounded by care and love at V.O.G DOG pet hotel, which can become a true paradise for them.