The fur of a dog, regardless of its length and the breed of the pet itself, needs constant care. This consists not only in systematically combing the fur to avoid tangles and excessive dirt but also in professional grooming so that your furry friend always feels comfortable and you can enjoy their well-groomed appearance. Taking care of the fur of large breed dogs is associated with some difficulties. Our professional groomers will help your pet always remain well-groomed and beautiful.


Over time, the fur of any animal loses its cleanliness and shine. Dog owners have to regularly fight against:

• tangles; • dead undercoat; • consequences of shedding; • contamination of the skin.

The larger the dog, the more noticeable the dirt. Besides, pets of substantial size require more time for walks, so it’s impossible to avoid dirt in such cases. Taking care of the fur of pets becomes a top priority task. Grooming of large breed dogs is carried out by our specialists using modern European equipment. Professional grooming will help your pet always stay beautiful, lively, and healthy.

The following types of grooming are distinguished:

• hygienic – performed once a month; • seasonal – machine cut and stripping (if necessary); • show grooming – performed as needed.

Hygienic grooming for large breed dogs involves:

• grooming and cleaning of ears; • removal of excess fur on the face (styling bangs, beard, removing fur under the eyes); • trimming fur in the genital area; • nail trimming; • trimming fur on the paws. • washing and drying the pet’s fur.

Our specialists can find an approach even to dogs which, given the characteristics of the breed, have a combative character. We have repeatedly groomed retrievers, mixed breeds, Shar Peis, schnauzers, and Newfoundland dogs. Grooming in a salon, with all the necessary professional tools for any procedure and real masters of their craft who treat animals better than people)), will save your pet from unnecessary worries and stress.

The extensive experience of our specialists in the care of large breed dogs allows them to efficiently trim the animal’s fur without using a sedative. We guarantee the safety of the procedure. The animal will not feel any discomfort, on the contrary – professional grooming will relieve the dog of such troubles as tangles, dead undercoat, excess fur in the smile area, on the paws. We perform grooming procedures for large breed dogs competently. All manipulations will be carried out quickly and professionally. We guarantee our clients an individual approach and reasonable prices.