As the sun rises over the horizon, it wakes the birds, dispels the shadows of the night, and brings a new day for us all. And this is precisely the time when our loyal four-legged friends are ready to start a new day with tremendous energy. To sustain this energy, we need to feed our furry Tails properly.

After all, it’s known that love goes through the stomach, and this rule applies not only to people but also to our faithful Pets. By feeding your friend correctly, you take care of his health, provide energy for active games, and help maintain a good figure.

Even in the world of dogs, where any food seems to be tasty, it’s important to be able to choose the best. What should you pay attention to? Is it a tasty bone, wet canned food, or dry kibble? Or perhaps homemade food is the best option? Let’s decide together.

The foundation of a healthy diet for a dog is proteins. They serve as building material for muscles, organs, bones, skin, fur, and are also necessary for many biochemical processes in the body.

Proteins: Meat or Plants?

Proteins play the most important role in a dog’s diet. Most dogs prefer meat proteins, and it’s no wonder, as their bodies absorb this type of protein best. Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey are some of the best sources of protein for your fluffy friend. However, it’s best to avoid overly fatty meat and meat of unknown origin.

At the same time, plant-derived proteins, such as soy, can also be part of your dog’s diet, but they cannot fully replace animal proteins.

Carbohydrates: Source of Energy

Carbohydrates help provide your furry friend with energy. Rice, oats, potatoes, pumpkin – all these are good sources of carbohydrates. However, it should be noted that uncontrolled consumption of carbohydrates can lead to obesity and other health problems. So try to limit the consumption of sugar and baked goods.

Fats: Necessary but in Moderated Amounts

Fats are an important part of a dog’s diet. They help absorb vitamins, support the health of skin and fur, and also make food more delicious. However, excessive consumption of fats can lead to obesity and heart problems.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining your pet’s overall health. They help strengthen the immune system, support the health of teeth and bones, maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, and much more. They are typically included in commercial pet food, but if you prepare food for your dog yourself, you might need to consult with a vet about adding vitamin and mineral supplements.

Water: Essential for Life

Water is vitally important for your beloved pet. It helps maintain normal body temperature, aids digestion, and flushes out toxins from the body. Your furry friend should always have access to fresh, clean water.

Even with the best diet, it’s important to remember that regular veterinary check-ups, adequate physical exercise, and the love of the owner are key elements of your pet’s health and wellbeing. May your pet always be happy and healthy!

Homemade Food or Commercial Food?

Indeed, a big question that many pet owners face is whether to cook for their dog themselves or choose commercial food? Both options have their pros and cons. If you have enough time and the desire to learn the nuances of proper dog feeding and meticulously select ingredients for preparing food, you can cook delicious and nutritious meals. However, it’s important to note that homemade food should be balanced and include all necessary elements.

On the other hand, commercial food is available for all breeds, ages, and needs of dogs. It’s convenient to use, and it already contains all necessary vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances. However, it’s important to choose a high-quality food, as not all manufacturers use high-quality ingredients.

Remember Your Dog’s Unique Needs

Every dog is unique. They have different needs depending on their breed, age, health, activity level, and individual characteristics. So, always consider these factors when choosing a diet.

In our “V.O.G DOG” network of salons, we’re always ready to help you choose the best diet for your four-legged friend. We offer a variety of food types from the best manufacturers. Our specialists are always ready to give you advice and help find the best solution for your pet.

After all, when your pet is happy, you are also happy, right? And from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your pets health, happiness, and long, joyful walks under the warm rays of the sun.

With love, Your “V.O.G DOG”!