The ability to understand a dog’s body language opens new horizons in your relationship with your four-legged friend. Dogs express themselves through their behavior, tail movements, facial expressions, and much more. Here are a few key aspects to pay attention to in order to better understand your pet:

Body Posture

Dogs use their entire body to express their feelings. If they are excited or feel threatened, they might try to stand taller, making themselves look bigger and more imposing. On the other hand, a fearful dog might try to make itself smaller by crouching or lying down.


A dog’s tail is like a flag that indicates its emotional state. A raised tail often signifies aggression, while a lowered one can indicate fear or submission. Tail wagging does not always mean a dog is happy – fast and tense wagging can indicate tension or excitement.


A dog’s ears also reflect its mood. Ears pointed forward may indicate interest, while ears turned back or to the side can suggest fear or submission.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this is no less true for dogs. When highly interested or aggressive, a dog’s pupils may dilate. Additionally, dogs that avoid direct eye contact might be feeling discomfort or fear.

Mouth and Teeth

An open mouth is usually a sign of relaxation and comfort. A closed mouth may indicate concentration or discomfort. Obviously, bared teeth or snarling is a sign of aggression or fear.

These are the basics you need to know to start “reading” your dog’s body language. Remember, each dog is unique and may have its own special ways of expressing emotions. Take time to understand your pet – it will strengthen your bond and facilitate a more understanding and harmonious communication.

In our grooming salon network “V.O.G DOG”, we not only care about your pet’s appearance, but also try to understand their inner world. Each dog is unique, and they all deserve love, patience, and understanding.

Good luck with learning your pet’s body language! Remember, they are not just an animal, but also a family member who feels emotions and seeks to be understood. We at “V.O.G DOG” are always ready to assist you in this process, providing not only high-level grooming services but also helpful tips and recommendations to help you better understand your dog.

And remember, love and trust are the foundation of harmonious relations with your pet. This is truly a language we all understand.

Best regards, The “V.O.G DOG” Team