We want to touch on the topic of the first haircut for a Yorkshire Terrier. The true adornment of this dog is its coat.

Due to the slow growth of the fur, the dog only reaches show condition in its third year of life.

Caring for the dog’s fur (grooming), especially for such a small breed, requires skills and abilities. Of course, you need to entrust your beloved pet to an experienced specialist who will help highlight its natural beauty. However, many owners prefer to learn to groom their pets themselves, and thus often make mistakes that not even the best professionals can correct.

The first Yorkie haircut requires maximum patience, delicacy, and is a major source of stress. Rough treatment of the dog during the first haircut will amplify the stress. Therefore, it’s better to carry out the procedure in the presence of the owner, who will be nearby and provide support if needed. This way, the little Yorkshire Terrier will feel much calmer.

Before cutting a Yorkie’s hair, it’s necessary to gradually accustom the dog to being brushed. For this, you will need to develop a certain strategy. Holding the little one as close as possible, but without pressing it against yourself, start brushing it with slow, smooth movements. Throughout this procedure, reassure the puppy with a calm, soft voice as often as possible. Gradually, the little one will stop being afraid and will start to feel more confident.

At the age of one and a half months, the puppy’s hair is cut for the first time in the groin area for hygienic purposes. After the necessary vaccination has been completed, starting from the age of three months, the first Yorkie haircut is performed. All the hair should not be cut during the first haircut, as this can negatively affect the structure of the hair later, and the hair will lose its density and shine.

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy should be accustomed to grooming from an early age. This is necessary not only to make the dog look beautiful, but also to maintain its health. Although puppies initially resist grooming, the haircut eventually becomes a routine procedure.

A small puppy is covered with soft hair, which has a finer structure and color. Such hair quickly tangles and forms into mats. Therefore, the puppy needs to be brushed regularly, carefully combing out tangled lumps. It will take several months for the hair to grow back and become long.

A Yorkie puppy’s haircut up to the age of five months is called hygienic. A show cut for a Yorkie can’t be done until 7-8 months. After a haircut with clippers, the regrowing hairs will start to curl, which is not allowed according to standard requirements.

Haircuts are done on average every 1.5-2 months. Although, per the owner’s wishes, it can be done more often.

The first haircut for a Yorkie puppy is very important and very exciting for both the owners and the animal. Here it’s very important to find a professional groomer who will perform the first hygienic haircut according to breed standard very gently and lovingly. The groomer will teach the little one to stand correctly on a special table, teach it not to be afraid of scissors and a comb. The groomer will wash the puppy according to all the rules, untangle mats, lay down the hair with a special hairdryer, trim the hair at the tips of the ears, pluck out dead (unnecessary) hair from the ears (an unpleasant but mandatory procedure for Yorkies and other decorative dogs), and perform a show cut according to the breed standard.

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