V.O.G DOG is more than just grooming.

V.O.G DOG represents thousands of satisfied owners and well-groomed pets, a large team of professionals, a purpose that, despite the state of war in Ukraine, gives us the strength to smile and live each day.

With the arrival of a pet in the family, the question arises of finding your own groomer, because not only the aesthetic beauty is important, but also the health of the pet, its positive attitude towards grooming. If you do not know how to care for the new family member, what complex procedures are needed now, how to deal with matted fur or what to do with dental calculus – the V.O.G DOG team will come to the rescue.

Every dog, cat, guinea pig, mini pig, rabbit, etc., requires special attention and care, and an individual approach is necessary for each – and we manage that! We strive to popularize grooming and proper treatment of animals. It is important for us to minimize the stress of the pet, to gently accustom it from an early age to all procedures, to ensure maximum comfort in the future.

We have been working in the market for a long time and we can confidently say that we do everything to introduce modern services and techniques into our work. Our masters constantly improve their qualifications, and especially creative and diligent groomers receive the title of TOP-master.

In Kyiv, 10 universal salons have already been opened, including a pet store and a pet hotel, and two grooming academies are in operation – we have something to share and something to teach. We are proud of our graduates who have found their vocation in this profession and make pets happy not only in Ukraine but also abroad. And we do not plan to stop there.

The more we improve and expand, the more people want to become our clients, the more clients simply demand us to open in their areas.

At the end of 2022, we opened our tenth anniversary salon!

We wanted to make it special, full of care not only for pets but also for their owners. And then we remembered that we had often heard words like: “If you served people, I would definitely be your regular customer.” Considering that our life has a crazy rhythm where every minute is precious, we thought about implementing the V.O.G DOG salon + nails project.

Today our customers can book not only their pets for beauty procedures, but also treat themselves to a new manicure, pedicure or neat eyebrows in our network. We are working on welcoming friendly and experienced lash makers and makeup artists to our team.

Initially, clients who wanted to beautify themselves and their pets simultaneously booked the new salon. Then owners started coming for procedures regardless of grooming. And now we already have regular customers who don’t even have pets. Fortunately, our idea has found a response in people’s hearts.

Now our long-standing dream has come true. And we invite everyone who wants to become happier and more groomed, even if you don’t have a pet. Treat yourself to a good mood and the interested glances of those around you.

We often receive calls from other cities asking: “Why do you only work in Kyiv? We would like to come to you”. They are talking about such large and beautiful cities as Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnytsia. Perhaps it’s time to grow and move in this direction?