Dog grooming is a fundamental part of pet care. It is essential for giving the animal an attractive appearance, highlighting its uniqueness, simplifying pet care, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at home.

It’s not advisable to strain yourself and your pet with a DIY haircut, even if you’re not planning to participate in shows.

Take advantage of the services of the V.O.G. DOG salon network, and our groomers will provide your pet with a unique look that emphasizes your great taste and love for aesthetics.

Caring for your pet is not just about trimming. Comprehensive care involves a range of important hygiene procedures: ear cleaning, nail trimming, mat detangling, skin and fur cleaning and moisturizing, professional fur styling.

By turning to us, you can be confident that your beloved pet is in the reliable, caring hands of true professionals, and the entire set of procedures will be performed comfortably.

Types of Dog Grooming

In our network, you can order hygienic, model grooming for dogs, and in some cases, show grooming.

We offer Hygienic Grooming

The name of this grooming speaks for itself. The groomer’s task is to remove hair in critical areas. Traditionally with hygienic grooming, trimming around the paws is done, hair is cut between the paw pads, in the genital area, and excess hair is removed around the eye corners. This procedure is necessary for keeping your pet clean, as regular combing, bathing, and hair styling are prerequisites for neatness and necessary preparation for hygienic grooming.

We’ll Choose a Model Grooming

The purpose of model grooming is not only to be beautiful and practical, but also to adhere to breed standards, accentuating all the advantages and, if necessary, concealing flaws.

Show Grooming

Each dog breed is groomed according to a specific standard. Recommendations for show grooming continually change following fashion trends, with new rules and limitations constantly being introduced. Therefore, show grooming should only be performed by a groomer – a breed specialist.

Grooming at the V.O.G. DOG salon network is a no-compromise option for comprehensive care in the finest traditions of European salon grooming. With care and love for your furry friend, we:

• use only certified pet cosmetics from global manufacturers;

• ensure maximum comfort for the pet;

• use state-of-the-art equipment;

• adhere to hygiene and sanitary norms and rules;

• understand the anatomical features of animal bodies, as well as care specifics for different types of fur;

• will choose the care necessary for your specific pet;

• have extensive experience and simply love our furry clients!