Keeping your loyal friend’s nails in good condition is vitally important. If you don’t trim the nails regularly, the dog will feel discomfort, experience pain, and this can eventually lead to deformation of the whole body. So how do you trim them properly? We have a few important tips for you.

Preparation Before you start trimming your dog’s nails, make sure you’ve prepared everything necessary:

  1. Nail Clippers. Choose one that fits comfortably in your hand and suits the size of the dog’s nails. The blades of the tool should be sharp to perform the procedure cleanly and effortlessly.
  2. Antiseptic Powder. This special blood-stopping agent should be used if you accidentally damage a vessel in the nail.
  3. Calmness. Trimming the nails can be stressful for both you and the dog, so remain calm and patient.

Proper Technique

  1. Visual Assessment. First, look at your dog’s nails. Most have transparent or light nails, where the blood vessels (pulp) are visible. Trim about 2 mm from the pulp to avoid nicking it.
  2. Trimming. Take one nail and gently apply the nail clippers. If your dog doesn’t react, softly press the handle, trimming the nail. If the dog reacts, try to trim a little less.
  3. Unexpected Situations. If you accidentally nick the pulp and bleeding starts, don’t panic. Apply antiseptic powder to the wound.

Tips from the V.O.G DOG Team

  1. Start Early. The dog will get used to the procedure more quickly if it’s systematically exposed to nail trimming as a puppy.
  2. Do It Regularly. The frequency of the procedure depends on the individual characteristics of the dog, but usually, every 3-4 weeks is enough for the nails to have grown back.
  3. Make It a Positive Experience. Use praise and rewards to associate nail trimming with pleasant emotions.
  4. Watch for Changes. If you notice that the dog’s nails grow very quickly or have an unusual color or shape, consult a veterinarian.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help. If you’re unsure how to properly trim the nails, consult a groomer or a veterinarian.

Remember, nail care is an essential part of your dog’s overall health and comfort. That’s why at V.O.G DOG, we assert that you should care for it just as you do for feeding, exercise, and socialization. Make nail trimming a regular procedure, and your beloved pet will always be happy and healthy!