We love our pets immensely for everything, but certainly not for the fur that fills every corner of the house – especially during the spring period!

Let’s figure out how to care for your pet during the shedding period (which may recur in some cats and dogs several times a year) below.

How often and for how long does shedding occur in your pet?

Both cats and dogs in a natural environment change their coats twice a year. However, the warmth and comfort of home that we generously provide to our beloved pets disrupt the seasonal rhythms of the body. Shedding in animals living in apartments may occur spontaneously – in summer or winter. Many artificially bred breeds suffer from it all year round. And sometimes, fur loss can be a symptom of a serious illness or stress. If you have doubts – it’s better to visit a vet.

Seasonal shedding in dogs and cats under normal conditions lasts from several weeks to several months. During this time in the spring period, your pet sheds excess “winter” fur to better cope with summer heat. In the fall, the reverse transformation occurs – animals put on a warm “coat”, preparing for future frosts. Autumn shedding is not as massive, but the spring period is the most problematic. And pet owners are looking for ways to make life easier for themselves and their furry friend.

Choosing pet food.

If your pet is shedding too frequently or for too long, it’s a reason to consult a vet. Perhaps it’s necessary to choose a healthier and more balanced diet with the help of a doctor.

How to ease the cleanup of pet hair in your home?

Before you deal with the source of the problem, a huge amount of fur will have flown around and stuck to furniture, curtains, carpets, and clothing. This means it’s time for a spring deep cleaning!

But don’t rush to take down the curtains and wash them. The washing machine can break from wet clumps of fur that get stuck in the internal parts. Cleaning rules in a home where a pet lives include handy tools: anti-static sprays, tape, wet rubber gloves, and lint rollers. Before washing, it is recommended to remove lint, fur, etc., from the fabric with the above-mentioned tools. However, removing fur this way, although effective, is quite laborious. It is hard and monotonous work that takes up too much time.

To quickly get rid of fur, a powerful vacuum cleaner with special attachments for collecting fur will help you – an effective tool with an almost instant effect.

Brushing, haircuts, and bathing.

Grooming tools should be present in every home where pets live. Brushes, furminators, and mat splitters significantly simplify the process of combing out excess hair – even before it scatters around the house, settling on the carpet pile in the living room, on the blanket in the children’s room or in the dish on the kitchen table.

Also, special products for bathing during the shedding period will come to the rescue, which facilitate easy removal of dead hairs during the water procedure, moisturize the skin and enrich the fur with all necessary nutrients.

The best option.

No matter how many tricks owners invent to get rid of fur or how many methods they use – the most effective always remains a visit to a grooming salon. There, your pet will be brushed, bathed, and trimmed. And at V.O.G DOG grooming salons, you’ll receive a full range of services and even a little more.