Over the past five years, the Asian style in grooming has become popular in Europe and America. The attitude towards it is ambiguous: on the one hand, there is a lot of originality and creativity, and on the other hand, stereotypes prevent trying something new.

A bit about Eastern influences in grooming

SPA services and creative coloring came to us from Asia and have already strongly established themselves in the price list of big salons. Today, Korean and Thai technologies are actively used in the preparation of exhibitions: dog haircuts in this style, careful selection of accessories, semantic emphasis on the character of the animal appealed to many groomers.


Asian grooming is a classic of Asian grooming. This style is most suitable for miniature dogs with a friendly and cheerful character – these are Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, and Biewer breeds.

Thanks to their long hair, neat, not too flat and elongated muzzles, and overall cuteness, they fulfill the main purpose of an Asian-style haircut – to give the pet a doll-like charm.

A feature of the style is the detail of the image. The “doll” image should be reinforced with accessories, bright outfits. In this case, the animal demonstrates its character, which is expressed in clothes and decorations.

To maintain the style, the owner will have to take care of the animal

The fashion industry for dogs as a whole is one of the most creative and imaginative fields of activity. And creating a hairstyle in the Asian style is a vivid example.


The grooming of a Yorkie in the Korean style goes through several stages:

• The body and neck are machine-trimmed;

• The face is cut short, evenly, giving it a round shape;

• Long strands are left on the ears, taking the form of hanging tails;

• Beauty salon services do not limit initiative: the hair on the dog’s head can be cut, or they can be left long if the owner wants to braid them into braids;

• The hair on the legs is just trimmed, the length is preserved;

• The tail is styled as desired – either trimmed, preserving a pompom at the tip, or it is given the shape of a fluffy feather.

The image is completed with accessories – strands are gathered into ponytails and braids using bright hairpins, bright outfits are put on the body, and decorations in the form of beads, for example, are put on the neck. Here everything depends on the initiative of the owner and the character of the pet.

Such a dog haircut implies intensive care – conditioners and daily combing will be needed. But there is a plus – the woolen cover will not suffer from tangles.

You can make an Asian-style haircut for your pet in our V.O.G DOG salons, where there are all the necessary tools, and most importantly – professional grooming masters who are well-versed in this)))