Express shedding for dogs and cats, or grooming, is a set of procedures that relieve pets and their owners of shedding fur.

As a result, your dog or cat’s fur stops shedding or rolling up, becomes shiny and silky, is easily combed, and gets dirty less.

Express shedding will let you forget about your furry friend’s annoying fur for many months.

In the V.O.G DOG grooming salons, we work with all breeds of dogs and cats, of all sizes: short-haired and fluffy, pedigreed and mongrels, big and small, with pugs, Spitz, Samoyeds, Maine Coons, or British cats, it doesn’t matter.

Knowledge, experience, the availability of a room, necessary tools, and professional cosmetics, love for animals, patience, good attitude, and responsibility allow us to carry out express shedding for dogs and cats efficiently and without stress for pets.

Is it easy to groom a dog, a cat?

To some, especially those who have never tried, it might seem that grooming a dog or cat’s fur is quite simple. It’s not entirely true.

Let’s try together, let’s do express shedding at home.

Take your pet to you, and… where will you start? What questions have you had: where to groom (at home – in the bath, in the kitchen, or outside), since the fur will be everywhere; what to groom with (each pet has its own tool, trial and error method, as a result – money spent and a bunch of unnecessary junk that doesn’t work); groom before or after bathing; cat or dog does not submit; you struggled for a long time, but the fur stayed… etc.

Many owners who start grooming on their own eventually bring their furry friends to professionals.

Shedding in dogs and cats is a natural process. It has to be faced, but not every owner of a four-legged friend does. There are quite a few breeds of dogs and cats that do not shed.

Shedding is the replacement of old fur with new one. If your pet is kept indoors, it can shed constantly (it is always dry and warm in the apartment), but twice a year, in spring and autumn – most of all.

If a dog or cat has health problems, stresses, this can exacerbate shedding.

Puppies start shedding at 6-7 months old, kittens – earlier.

Brushing Dogs

If your dog is shedding and persistently leaving fur all over the place; or dead fur (undercoat) is not falling out but instead getting stuck between the new hairs, forming knots and making your pet appear scruffy, like with Spitz dogs or Chow Chows for instance, then a groomer or you yourself should regularly brush the dog to accelerate and hasten this process.

Dogs that require a quick shedding:

  1. Dogs with a so-called “primitive” and double coat type with an undercoat: Huskies, Laikas, Samoyeds, German Shepherds, Welsh Corgis, Labrador Retrievers, Spitz dogs, Chow Chows, etc.
  2. Short-haired dogs: Pugs, Bulldogs, Hounds, Terriers, etc.

For such dogs, dead hairs have already fallen from their follicles on their own, but are stuck halfway.

In order to intensify the shedding process, groomers bathe the dog using two shampoos and a conditioner suitable for the hair type, blow out the dead fur with the help of a hairdryer or booster, and use various specialized grooming tools that the groomer selects individually. These might include a furminator, a special comb for quick shedding, a rubber or silicone brush, a grooming glove, a slicker brush, a comb with short or long teeth, as well as the groomer’s fingers. All in all, the arsenal of tools is vast. Brushing is done both before and after bathing.

Dog grooming in a salon is never done in isolation, but always as a comprehensive service.

In addition to the above, “pawdicure” is performed – trimming and filing of nails, removal of hair from paw pads, and cleaning of glands and ears.

How long does the result of brushing last for dogs? Approximately 1-2 months.

Brushing Cats

Almost all cats shed, leaving fur in the form of sharp needles embedded in the couch or fluff floating around the apartment.

The fur of cats, especially long-haired ones, often remains on the skin along with new hairs, leading to the formation of mats.

It’s not easy for the cat’s owner to deal with these problems because often the pet simply doesn’t allow itself to be brushed. In general, this procedure should be pleasant for the cat (like stroking and scratching behind the ears and the belly), but only if it’s done often, quickly, and gently, and there are no mats.

Except for Sphynxes, all cats need a quick shedding.

Sometimes, no amount of care and vitamins can prevent the traces of Persians, British, Scottish, Siberian or Maine Coon cats from appearing in the most convenient places for their owners.

Unlike dogs, brushing or quick shedding for cats can be done on dry fur, considering our feline friends’ lower resilience to stress.

Tools for quick cat shedding are chosen individually. This can be a furminator for short-haired and smooth-coated pets (there are different types of furminators) or various rakes, combs, slicker brushes, silicone mittens.

The main thing is for the procedure to be easy and as quick as possible.

Most mats are cut out. Cats are bathed after brushing.

After bathing, the fur is definitely dried with simultaneous brushing, but only if the cat allows for it.

It’s better to have the brushing done at a salon, where all the necessary tools are available and it can be done in combination with other procedures.

The results of quick shedding usually last from 1 to 2 months for cats.