Pet owners with long-haired dogs take pride in showing off their beloved companions. Their luxurious coats present ample opportunities for creating new looks for your furry friend. However, such fur requires meticulous care. This is why we recommend turning to V.O.G. DOG grooming salons, entrusting the bulk of regular care to professionals.

Breeds with long-haired coats shed considerably less than short-haired ones. Nevertheless, this type of fur demands constant brushing and timely trimming. Paying particular attention to brushing is crucial as the formation of mats can ruin the fur, and in extreme cases, the groomer might have to cut them out and give a short haircut. Mats can also provoke skin inflammations due to the lack of air access to the skin. Our experts will choose special brushes and combs based on your pet’s fur type and perform the brushing procedure as gently as possible.

In addition, regular trimming is essential for maintaining the health and comfort of your long-haired buddy. Besides grooming, don’t forget about hygiene procedures. Claws need to be trimmed and filed regularly so they don’t get too long and cause painful sensations. It’s necessary to periodically check for any suspicious discharges or inflammations in the ears and eyes and use special lotions. To ensure your dog’s dental health, regularly clean their teeth with a special toothpaste containing enzymes for dogs.

In general, caring for long-haired dogs can take a lot of time and effort, but it’s essential for the health and happiness of your furry friend. If you can’t find the time for regular grooming, we recommend visiting our salons at least once a month.

Reach out to the professionals at V.O.G. DOG grooming salons. Our experts are well-versed in all the intricacies of grooming long-haired breeds, can easily handle even the most capricious pets, and perform all procedures without sedation.

While our professionals are working on your pet’s grooming, you can receive a free consultation on care matters, choose the necessary accessories, hygiene products, food, and treats. We value every customer, so both you and your furry companion’s experience in our salon will be comfortable and pleasant!