Every owner of a fluffy pet wonders about this sooner or later. Indeed, do cats need baths? They spend whole days grooming themselves.

Veterinarians agree that a healthy clean animal does not need a bath. Nature has equipped the members of the cat family with a rough tongue and saliva with a special composition, which allows them to clean their body from daily dirt on their own.

But there are cases when it is necessary to bathe cats because their health is at risk without it:

  • the animal has been homeless for a long time, picked up from the street;
  • your furry friend has access to free outdoor walks;
  • the cat got very dirty in mud or food products;
  • the pet smeared himself in toxic or other harmful substances.

In the first two situations, special anti-parasitic shampoos are required. In the last case, washing should be thorough and immediate, otherwise, there is a risk of poisoning or the appearance of skin allergic reactions.

Many owners of pedigree animals ask veterinarians whether cats should be bathed before exhibitions. Specialists do not recommend conducting water procedures directly before events and trips. The stress caused by bathing can lower immunity, which increases the risk of developing cold diseases and infection with infections. There should be at least 4-5 days between the exhibition and washing.

That’s why you should not bathe cats often. Ideally – no more than 2-4 times a year. Show animals can be washed 5-6 times.

Main washing rules:

● Use only specialized cat shampoos

Ordinary soap and cosmetic products intended for humans may contain substances that can negatively affect the skin and fur of your pet. This can lead to skin and hair follicle diseases.

● Be as prepared as possible for bathing in advance

This will significantly reduce washing time. For example, before bathing a cat, you should adjust the water to a temperature not higher than 35°C, place shampoo nearby, and lay out a towel. You can use a soft sponge. Drafts should be excluded in the room.

● Carefully wash the pet’s head

Water should not get into the ears – this can lead to the development of otitis. Also, take care of the eyes and nose. Do not damage the whiskers during bathing.

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