Travel carries a magical charm. It opens up new landscapes, broadens our mental horizons. Unforgettable adventures become even more vibrant when a faithful four-legged companion is by your side.

Car Travel

Before setting off on a journey, acclimatize your Furry Friend to the car. Short rides ending with pleasant events will help him associate the car with positive emotions. Place him in a specialized carrier or strap him in with a dog seatbelt. Regularly take breaks for walks, water, and food. Ensure availability of basic items: water, bowls, toys, food, diapers, and leash.

Public Transport Travel

Such a journey can be a quest, but that should not scare you. Confidence and preparation are your best allies. Visit crowded places to accustom him to loud sounds and movement long before the trip.

Use a short leash and muzzle for medium and large breed dogs, and for small breed dogs, use baskets and bags with solid bottoms (rules for transporting animals on public transport). Always try to provide enough space for your Furry Friend to feel comfortable.

Air Travel

Air travel can cause anxiety for both you and your Pet. Try to make this time as pleasant as possible. Study the airline’s rules in advance: where your dog will travel, the requirements for carriers and documents. Remember, you will need a veterinary passport with up-to-date vaccinations.

Try to minimize stress for your Pet. Do not feed him a few hours before the flight to avoid stomach upset. Line the carrier with soft clothing that carries your scent – this will soothe your Furry Friend. During takeoff and landing, speak to him in a quiet, calm voice.

Each journey is a test, but also a great joy. With your Pet, you share every moment, every laugh, every adventure. And remember, at the end of each journey, home is always waiting for you.

From our big family of the grooming salon network “V.O.G DOG”, we wish you countless adventures, vivid impressions, and boundless happiness at every stage of your journey. May each new day be filled with joy, and the road become new exciting adventures for you and your faithful furry friend.

With love and warmth, “V.O.G DOG”.